Great Quotes on The Palestra


“Oh, how I wish you could see it. I wish you could walk in from a cold Philadelphia night to smell the wood and the dried sweat and the popcorn. This is a place with magic in the air, a palace in spite of itself. It’s an echo chamber with 9,200 seats and the warm familiarity of a neighborhood bar. It is, quite simply, the best basketball arena in America.”

     -Joe Rhoads, writer, Dallas, Texas


“It is a place where you feel the game from the moment you step inside.”

     -John Feinstein, A Season Inside


“The best thing about the Palestra is its intimacy . . . When you watch a game at the Palestra, you become more than a spectator - you become a participant.”

     -Mik Stanton, Basketball Weekly


I“I don’t know how to explain it. This is a basketball cathedral.”

     -Dick Weiss, New York Daily News


“Tennis players talk about how they just love to step on Centre Court at Wimbledon. That’s the way I felt every time I walked into the Palestra.”

     -Matt Guokas Jr., St. Joseph’s All American ‘65


“From the time I was in high school, it was a thrill and a goal for any kid in the area just to set foot on the Palestra floor. If you were privileged enough to suit up there, you had hit the epitome of basketball.”

     -Jim Williams, Temple ‘65


“While many universities and professional teams today play in enormous mult-functioned indoor stadiums with thousands of nosebleed seats and a severe lack of character, the Palestra offers 8,700 good views of a court steeped in tradition. There are no hockey rinks underneath the floorboards, no horse shows waiting in the wing, and the acoustics are so bad that concerts are generally avoided. The Palestra is Basketball.”

     -Paul J. Zingg, Pride of the Palestra

The Palestra: Cathedral of Basketball
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